Our Olive Oil

From the Olive Grove to our Table!

There are grades and various qualities of Olive Oil, depending on various factors. From the cultivation and the harvesting of the olive tree, until the moment that the Olive Oil reaches our table, transportation, crushing, storing, all can play a significant role in the actual quality of Olive Oil. The basic factors that differentiate the quality of Olive Oil are: the climate, the ground composition, the variety of the trees, the way of cultivation, the diseases and the use of pesticides, the way of harvesting, storing and processing of the product. The more each of these factors reaches the ideal conditions, the higher the quality of Olive Oil.

We follow the “birth” of the fruits from the olive grove, from the season that the olive trees are flowering to the time that the fruit is growing, up to the moment that the Olive Oil is born in the olive mill.

We are close to the olive producers, the people of the earth, listening to how they treat olive trees, sharing with them how the weather affects the crop, how the crop is proceeding, listening to the beat of the olive millers, sharing our knowledge about the best Olive Oil!

We travel across Greece to feel and smell every season of an olive tree, tasting over 30.000 samples every year to find the ones with the best flavours...

This is how the highest quality Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil is brought to your table!

Our Origins: Did you know that?

ALTIS was the name of the olive plantation, situated in ancient Olympia. The Olympic champions used to receive a wreath made from an olive branch, the famous “kotinos”, as a reward for their victory. This branch was always cut from the same sacred wild olive tree growing beside the temple of Zeus, in the ALTIS olive plantation. Altis, carrying the name of the ancient olive plantation, is the favorite Olive Oil of Greek consumers, meeting their needs and their quality standards through the years.