Commitment to Quality

Within the framework of our quality strategy, we have been applying for many years a holistic quality control system, from the olive press to consumption, in order to ensure the purity and authenticity of our Olive Oils.

  • We have a deep knowledge about Olive Oil, a product which we love and care for.
  • We know how to distinguish good Olive Oil from very early on.
  • We travel throughout Greece, from when the olive trees start blossoming.
  • We monitor closely the parameters that affect production, in order to predict the quality and the quantity of Olive Oil per region.
  • We watch the olive pressing in the most important Olive Oil producing areas of the country.
  • We check the samples against our very high standards, so that we can guarantee that the Olive Oil we select has the highest quality and taste.
  • We only pick the varieties that steadily give our Olive Oil the rich taste consumers have known and trusted many years now.

More specifically, our quality strategy involves the following parameters:

  1. Screening of more than 70% of the annual Olive Oil production in Greece, in order to select the best varieties and productions. This process takes place for more than 15 years.
  2. Dividing Greece in geographical areas, regions, and micro zones.
  3. Mapping characteristics of every region (cultivation practices, height, micro climate, region, variety of olives) and comparing olives crops of previous years.
  4. Forecasting the coming crop and selecting the best part of the crop for our Olive Oil.
  5. Researching the mills-delivery of olives, temperature of production, quality of machinery, warehousing.
  6. Applying 30,000 analytical tests annually, in the framework of the standards requested by the European Union
  7. Ensuring all the quality characteristics of Olive Oil, such as low acidity, purity and preserving of all its nutritional elements
  8. Quality mapping taking place to our lab, which is the only lab belonging to a foods company that has been certified by the National Board of Certifications