Selecting a good Olive Oil- tips

Our specialists provide simple,
practical tips to select high quality Olive Oil:

  • Olive Oil must be crystal-clear. Moisture, suspensions and dregs generate rancid and bitterness. During winter, because of the low temperatures, it is possible that white suspensions or sediment will appear at the bottom of the bottle. This is absolutely natural and must not be considered as a sign of quality alteration, in any case.
  • The color of Olive Oil must fluctuate between light gold-green and deep green. Faded Olive Oil must be avoided. Olive Oil coming from the Greek island of Lesvos is an exception, because its natural color is yellow.
  • Olive Oil should have low acidity (0-0,8%)
  • The bottle cap must be sealed and hermetically closed (authenticity safety).
  • Be cautious when Olive Oil is sold in a price much cheaper than the average of the market prices. Price is connected to quality.
  • Sun rays and heat. Olive Oil must not be stored in places where sun can reach them or near heating devices.
  • The best advisor for your choice of Olive Oil is for sure the name of the producer and the brand that consumers trust.