Olive Oil Tasting

Olive Oil - like wine - has different tastes and varieties.
A tasting test is enough in order to find out. It’s now time to enrich our knowledge concerning the differences in the taste of Olive Oil! Each time you select an Olive Oil, taste its flavor!

The simple steps that the specialists from around the world teach us are the following:

  1. Pour a small quantity of Olive Oil in a glass of brandy and shake it well, so that Olive Oil goes all around the whole glass.
  2. Just use your nose. Smell the Olive Oil from inside the glass by taking a deep breath. Trust your smell and discover the scent of the fresh cut olive that reminds us of aromas with a wide range from chamomile to red apple. No, it is not due to the additional perfumes of herbs! It is due to the perfumes of nature and olive tree plantations enclosed in the juice of the Olive Oil - much like as it happens with wine.
  3. Put a small quantity (one small teaspoon) in your mouth and keep it first in the front part of your tongue and afterwards in the back. Let it reach all parts of your tongue and the base of your palate. The virtues of good Olive Oil, the “pungent”, “spicy” or “fruity” olive oil as experts say, will wake up your senses. You can describe this taste as rich, ripe, aggressive and fresh flavor.

Tastes and flavors of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil can range from the taste of green and brown olives, red apples, oranges, tangerines, lemons, pepper and oregano.