Why Greek Olive Oil?

Olive Oil, coming from the valuable and blessed fruit of the olive tree, has constituted a basic and irreplaceable food for the Greek people, for many centuries now. In Greece Olive Oil production remains a “family” affair up until the last stage. Olive presses are part of the joint effort to achieve everybody’s goal fully: have the Olive Oil come out perfect!

Olive Oil in the course of time has easily become one of the primary products of Greece contributing in the strengthening of the Greek economy. Greece is one of the three largest Olive Oil producing countries in the world, the only one with a production in Extra Virgin Olive Oil that tops 80%.

Accompanied by a lot of legends and folk stories, Olive Oil has always been present in the every-day life of Greeks - a symbol of wisdom and abundance in many social and religious expressions, in Greek mythology, tradition, art and literature.

There is no question therefore that when selecting Olive Oil; Greek Olive Oil is the first choice.

And rather few people know this. So, it is possible that you, too, have had the benefit of Greek Olive Oil, even if you have never bought a Greek brand.