Greek Olive Oil Production

Worldwide, Greece plays a significant role in Olive Oil production, holding the third position after Italy and Spain, and the 20% of the global production.

According to 1997-1998 data, there are 400.000 – 500.000 olive producers active in almost every geographical area of the country. It is the basic economic source for more than 450.000 families who are occupied with olive trees cultivation (13.5% of the total population) and the exploit of their valuable fruit.

There are 112 million olive trees all over Greece, an impressive number compared to the 750 million olive trees worldwide! Greeks are the strongest olive oil consumers than any other populace and their per capita consumption runs into about 15-20 kg per year.

Even though Greeks have the highest Olive Oil consumption worldwide, they can still export very large quantities. In fact, Greece is one of the largest exporters of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Most exports are meant for other Olive Oil producing counties in the Mediterranean, which use Greek Olive Oil in their blends in order to improve the quality and taste of Olive Oils they standardize… and, rather few people know this.

So, it is possible that you, too, have had the benefit of Greek Olive Oil, even if you have never bought a Greek brand. If you really want to be sure that the Olive Oil bottle on your kitchen table contains 100% Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, you should trust our Olive Oil, the leading brand in Greece.

Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, derived from the best harvests every year, is a top quality product adding great taste to everyday meals. Its full taste and aroma of freshly picked olives, makes it a very special Olive Oil.